Colorado PE Exam, PE License, and PDH Requirements

Colorado PE Exam and PE License Requirements

This guide is a walkthrough of the requirements to take the PE Exam, obtain a PE license, and maintain a PE license in the state of Colorado.

I will update this as often as possible, but to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date information, always check for the right information from these links:

This article is meant as a general reference and does not replace the official guidelines from the Colorado state board or NCEES. 

The easiest way by far to get licensed in Colorado, either initially or by comity, is to have your NCEES record complete and updated regularly. You can find this record by signing into your MyNCEES account at this link.

Requirements to Take the PE Exam in Colorado

You do not have to fill out an application or pay additional fees to take the PE exam in Colorado. You do, however, need to do the following before registering for the PE exam in Colorado:

  1. Have completed the education and/or experience requirements that meet the requirements of Colorado’s board. Here’s the link to the part of Colorado law that outlines these requirements. In most cases, this means that you “have graduated from a board-approved engineering curriculum of four or more years.” However, here is a table with all the options for completing the education and experience requirements.
  2. Have registered as an Engineer Intern. The requirements for this can be found on this page. This link will take you to the checklist for an Engineer Intern application. And to actually apply, click here to create an account so you can submit an online application.
  3. Pass the FE exam and have it verified in your NCEES account. This is automatic if you’ve taken the FE since 2010.

This information can be found at this link.

Requirements to Get Your PE License in Colorado

To get your PE license in Colorado you must create an account, fill out an application, transmit your NCEES record, and pay the fee all with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Professions and Occupations (DORA). You can get to their website here.

Here is a link to the application to apply for a PE license in Colorado. As part of the application, you will need to do the following after passing the PE exam:

  • Pay the non-refundable fee.
  • Complete the following within the application:
    • Affidavit of Eligibility
    • Give the information about your engineering work experience and education.
    • Give your NCEES ID number, which you can find in the upper right corner when you log into your MyNCEES account.
    • Answer criminal history questions and upload documentation if needed.
  • Complete the NCEES Application for Initial Licensure or Council Record. This is in your MyNCEES account.
  • Transmit your record to the Colorado board on the NCEES website. To do this, you should see “NCEES Record” when you log into your MyNCEES account. Click “Actions” on the right of that area, then “Transmit my record.” Update your information, pay the fee (usually $75), then submit. The record will be transferred electronically.

If you are applying for a comity license, meaning you are licensed in another state and want to get your PE license in Colorado, you just need to transmit your NCEES record to the Colorado AES Board and fill out an application.

Professional Development Hours for Colorado PE’s

Per the DORA website at this link under the “Continuing Education” section:

“At present, continuing education is not required to maintain or renew a Professional Engineer license.”

At the bottom of the page under renewal information, we find that Colorado PE licenses expire on October 31 of odd-numbered years. They also require that you pay a fee.

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