Maryland PE Exam, PE License, and PDH Requirements

Maryland PE Exam Requirements

This guide is a walkthrough of the requirements to take the PE Exam, obtain a PE license, and maintain your PE license, including Professional Development Hours (PDH’s) in the state of Maryland.

I will update this as often as possible, but to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date information, always check for the right information from these links:

  • Requirements to Take the PE Exam in Maryland. To take the PE exam in Maryland you must apply with the Maryland board. You must have an approved 4-year degree, 4 years of work experience (8 years without a board-approved degree), and pass the FE exam or have 12 years of approved experience. You must submit five forms and pay the $50 fee as well.
  • Requirements to Apply for a PE License in Maryland. Once you’ve passed the PE exam in Maryland you’ll be mailed a registration number within two weeks of finding out that you passed. You will then use that registration number at the above link to apply for your PE license in Maryland. 
  • Requirements to Renew Your PE License in Maryland. To renew your Maryland PE license you will need the renewal notice that comes within 60 days of the license expiration date. Use the registration number on the renewal notice and fill out the application here. You must get and report 16 Professional Development Hours every two-year renewal period.

This article is meant as a general reference and does not replace the official guidelines from the Maryland state board or NCEES. 

Requirements to Take the PE Exam in Maryland

You must fill out an application to take the PE exam in Maryland. You can find the application at this link. The first step is to verify that you’ve completed the following requirements:

  • Have completed a 4-year engineering degree that’s approved by the board.
  • Finish your 4 years of experience that is “satisfactory to the Board and that indicates to the Board that the applicant may be competent to practice engineering.”
  • Have passed the FE Exam.

You may also have 8 years of experience if your degree isn’t approved by the board or have 12 years of board-approved experience to supersede all other requirements.

There are five forms that you will need to fill out, including:

The easy way to think about it is that applying to take the PE in Maryland is like applying to get licensed in most other states.

When on the NCEES website and registering for the PE exam in Maryland, this is what you will see:

This information can be found at this link.

Requirements to Get Your PE License in Maryland

Getting your PE license in Maryland seems easier than applying to take the PE exam, from what I can tell. It appears that you complete all the parts of the normal PE license application as part of your application to just take the exam, so once you’re done, you just have to fill out a form and pay a fee. 

Once you find out from NCEES that you’ve passed the PE exam, you’ll receive a registration number in the mail. You can enter that number at this link and complete the application process to get your Maryland PE license.

Professional Development Hours for Maryland PE’s

To renew your PE license in Maryland you must complete at least 16 hours of continuing education, or Professional Development Hours (PDH’s) every two-year renewal period. It appears that you may need to also report your PDHs as well. You also need to complete the renewal form and pay the fee

You’ll be mailed a renewal notice within 60 days of your Maryland PE license expiring. This is important to keep because it has a registration number on it that you’ll need to use to renew your license.

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